Thursday, July 30, 2009

Quick Tips to Restore Civility to Corporate America

What ever happened to the Golden Rule? Incivility is a plague for any business. It spreads stress, smears reputations, reduces productivity and raises employee turnover.

Try these tips from “The Cost of Bad Behavior” for preventing it in your organization:

1. Set zero-tolerance expectations. They must be driven by senior management or they won’t go anywhere.

2. Teach civility. Make certain everyone in the organization understands what civility is so that they can help to establish and sustain (and when necessary, defend) a culture of civility.

3. Train employees and managers. For example, explain how to recognize and cope with the inappropriate behavior of “cunning offenders.”

4. When incivility occurs, hammer it. Incivility is like cancer. Once detected, it must immediately be treated aggressively.

5. Take complaints seriously. A culture of civility must also be a culture of candor. An open-door policy will encourage people to confide.

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